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Download Active Korean 1 – Textbook + Workbook (PDF+Audio)

Active Korean 1 – Textbook + Workbook

Active Korean 1: Textbook Manual and CD (English and Korean Languages)
It is a best book for the basic communication skills in a short period of time to learn the Korean language learners.

ACTIVE KOREAN 1 is a short-term Korean study book featuring:
– Dialogues based everyday -life situations
– Real class based unit from vocab, dialogues, to conversion and so on.
– Various tasks and activities to develop communication skills
– Detailed and illustrative grammar point and references
– Vivid pictures and illustrations with authentic contexts.

Contents :
Unit 1 Hangeul 한글
Unit 2 Greetings & Introductions 인사와 소개
Unit 3 Restaurant 식당
Unit 4 Shopping 쇼핑
Unit 5 Daily Life 일상생활
Unit 6 Time 시간
Unit 7 Appointment 약속
Unit 8 Locations & Directions 위치와 방향
Unit 9 Phone Call 전화

(가능하다면 독자는 서점에서 원작을 사서 저자를 지원해야합니다.)

Download textbook + workbook + Audio: Tại đây

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